Ultrasonographic evaluation of cecal appendix diameter in pediatric population


ABSTRACT Objective To stratify ultrasound samples in a pediatric population undergoing evaluation for acute appendicitis to examine the variability in cecal appendix diameter, in different age groups, and to determine whether there is a prevalent value for each age group. Methods A retrospective cross-sectional study with 196 children aged 0 to 15 years. Data were extracted from reports of ultrasound examinations carried out between 2008 and 2015. Children with sonographic diagnosis of appendicitis or other signs of periappendiceal inflammation were excluded. Results The evaluation of the anteroposterior measurement of the cecal appendix revealed a mean diameter of 4.14mm (standard deviation: 0.93mm; 95%CI: 3.86-4.14). Cecal appendix diameter did not differ significant between age groups. Conclusion Evaluation of the anteroposterior diameter of the cecal appendix in centimeters in a sample of 196 children aged 0 to15 years revealed a mean diameter of 4.14mm (standard deviation, 0.93mm. There were no significant differences in cecal appendix diameter following stratification by age. Results indicate a single value can be adopted for mean cecal appendix diameter in pediatric populations.



Appendicitis/diagnostic imaging, Appendix, Ultrasonography, Child