Titanium Biomimetically Coated With Hydroxyapatite, Silver Nitrate and Polycaprolactone, for Use In Biomaterials (Biomedicine)


Titanium is used in orthopedic and orthodontic implants because it has good corrosion resistance and excellent biocompatibility. Thus, studies seek to obtain a coating to improve the adhesion between the bone and the implant, by modifying the metal’s surface. The objective of this work was to biomimetically coat C.P. Ti with hydroxyapatite doped with silver nitrate, a component with antimicrobial properties, coating the metallic-ceramic composite with a polycaprolactone polymer film, which is known by generate improved implant-tissue interaction, and reducing postoperative complications from bacterial infections. The characterization of the material demonstrated the existence of the coating overall surface of the metallic substrate. The results obtained from the bacterial culture tests with Staphylococcus aureus showed that nitrate was effective in reducing the amount of live bacteria present in the supernatant, as well as those adhered to the surface of the material. In addition, the polymeric coating did not prevent the release of the bactericidal agent, not interfering in the effect there.



Titanium, hydroxyapatite, polycaprolactone, biomimetic coating