Seroprevalence of zika virus in a cattle flock


ABSTRACT The present research evaluated the seroprevalence of anti-zika virus (anti-ZIKV) antibodies by virus neutralization test (VNT) in 529 bovines from Andradina city, São Paulo state, Brazil. The reading was performed in an inverted optical microscope, considering reagents when the antibodies were capable to neutralize the ZIKV. Of the 529 samples, 53 (10.01%) were reagents. The animals were healthy at the time of collection. The samples were collected in February 2018, a favorable period for the multiplication of the vector and the highest risk of disease transmission. None of the animals showed anti-bovine viral diarrhea virus (anti-BVDV) antibodies, ruling out a possible cross-reaction, reinforcing the possible contact of the bovine with the ZIKV. In the herd, 88 pregnant females were evaluated; of these, 12 cows were reactive, with no history of reproductive problems or fetal malformations. This is the first research on the seroprevalence of ZIKV in cattle in Brazil, and studies should continue to evaluate cattle as a possible host of this arbovirus and its possible consequences for unique health and agribusiness.



Zika fever, virus neutralization, serodiagnosis