New approaches using selection index in sweet potato breeding for biofortification


Abstract The objective of this research was to select orange-fleshed sweet potato clones with high stability, yield, and β-carotene content in different planting seasons, using a selection index. Joint analysis of experiments and analysis of responsiveness and stability by the GGE biplot method were performed for the variables yield, dry matter percentage, and root flesh color. The variables yield, dry matter, color and stability were used to estimate a selection index. The GGE biplot analysis indicated that there are differences among clones in stability for Yield. However, the percentage of dry matter and color of the roots show low interaction in the different environments. Because of that, stability for yield was included in the selection index, together with yield, dry matter, and root orange color intensity. Finally, the selection index based on stability, yield, dry matter percentage and root color was efficient in the selection of a new biofortified sweet potato cultivar. orangefleshed fleshed βcarotene β carotene seasons Yield However environments intensity Finally cultivar



Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. L. L (L. Lam (L, Nutritional security, Root β-carotene content βcarotene β carotene