Seropositivity for Rickettsia spp. and Ehrlichia spp. in the human population of Mato Grosso, Central-Western Brazil


Abstract INTRODUCTION The epidemiology of Rickettsia and Ehrlichia species infection is underestimated in Mato Grosso State. METHODS: Serum samples obtained during a Dengue outbreak in 2011-2012 were tested via indirect immunofluorescence and/or ELISA. RESULTS: Samples from 19/506 (3.8%) patients presented antibodies for at least one of three Rickettsia species; 2/506 (0.4%) samples reacted against Ehrlichia canis. Most afflicted patients are residents of cities from the south-central region of the state, where these diseases have been reported in animals. CONCLUSIONS: These results show serological evidence of human exposure to Rickettsia and Ehrlichia species in Mato Grosso State.



Rickettsiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Immunofluorescence assay