Combining ability and potential of s1 popcorn progenies for early selection


ABSTRACT. Evaluation of combined ability can eliminate lines that are inefficient and enable the subsequent program steps to be more successful. The objective of this study was to predict the general (gi) and specific (sij) combination ability of popcorn S1 progenies for early selection. A total of 288 topcrosses were performed under a randomized complete block design with two replicates at two sites (Campinas and Capão Bonito, São Paulo State, Brazil). Diallel analyses were performed using mixed models and the maximum likelihood restricted/best unbiased linear prediction method. Evaluated traits included grain yield (GY; kg ha-1), weight of 100 grains (g), and popping expansion (PE; mL g-1). Ear components were also evaluated, including ear length, ear diameter (cm), and the number of grain rows (unit). The S1 progeny 32 presented the highest gi for GY in Campinas, whereas progeny 46 presented the highest gi for GY in Capão Bonito. The S1 progeny, 114 was an important parent for the popcorn breeding program, because it presented high gi for the traits of agronomic interest at both sites. Combination 86×IAC12 exhibited a high sij, and the 86 parent presented the second-highest gi for PE in Campinas, and it should be used for high PE genotypes.



diallel, Restricted Maximum Likelihood/Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (REML/BLUP), hybrid combination