Rooting potential of grapevine rootstocks cuttings



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ABSTRACT The objective of this work was to evaluate the rooting potential and propagation of seventeen grapevinevine rootstocks. The experiment was carried out in the municipality of Canoinhas - Santa Catarina, in 2018 and 2019. Woody canes from the grapevine rootstocks 99R, 110R, 420 A Mgt, 101-14 Mgt, IAC 766, IAC 313, IAC 572, Courdec 3309, Freedom, Gravesac, Harmony, Kober 5BB, Paulsen 1103, Salt Creek, Solferino, SO4 and VR043-43 were collected during dormancy period. After 45 days of the experiment installation, parameters considered as quality indi cators were evaluated: percentage of rooting; average number and length of roots, number of leaves and length of branches. The results obtained were subjected to analysis of variance, and the means were compared using the Scott-Knott test at 5% probability. The rootstocks showed different rooting behaviors, and it is concluded that 101-14 Mgt, IAC 572, Courdec 3309, Freedom, Gravesac, Harmony and Paulsen 1103 have greater rooting and propagation potential. While 110 R, 420 A Mgt and VR 043-43 present difficulties in propagation, due to low rooting, low number of roots and low average length of roots; requiring the use of exogenous auxin, in order to increase rooting rates.



viticulture, vegetative propagation, root development